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ROP Career Technical Education and Training

North Orange County ROP courses integrate academic studies and hands-on training.  All classes are sequenced to prepare students for advanced training or study. All courses support the California Career Technical Education Standards, occupational standards, state language arts and mathematics standards, and the Regional Occupational Program Expected Results for Students (ROPERS).

Career Pathways: classes are grouped by business sector

sample imageCareer Pathway include: Agriculture and Natural Resources; Arts, Media & Visual Entertainment, Building Trades and Construction; Education, Child Development and Family Resources; Engineering and Design, Finance and Business; Health Sciences and Medical Technology; Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation; Manufacturing and Product Development; Marketing, Sales and Services; Public Services; and Transportation.   Class Descriptions  >


Classes are conducted using one or more of the following methods:

Learning takes place in a classroom setting with hands-on skills training using industry-standard equipment. The majority of ROP's courses at high schools and on ROP Career Technical Institute campuses are taught in classroom settings, where hands-on training is emphasized.  Learn more about classroom locations.
Community Classroom (CC)
Learning takes place in both the classroom and in the workplace throughout the course. Students learn on the job at business, industry, public agency, or health service provider sites.  Students are unpaid while training at community classrooms. Examples of CC classes: Careers with Children/Preschool Assistant; Retail Careers/General Merchandising; and Theme Park/Tourism CC training at Knott's.
CC/CVE: On-the-job training component is availalble for qualified students. 
Cooperative Vocational Education (CVE)
Learning takes place in the classroom and on the job, and students are paid for their work while on the job.  Students must attend their related classroom instruction at least 2.5 hours each week.  Often, students who already have jobs can find related instruction.  Students may earn credits for class time and work time (in retail, merchandising, food services, theme park, entertainment occupations, etc). 
On-the-job training component is availalble for qualified students. 

Online Instruction
High school students learn inside or outside of the physical school environment.  Students use an internet connection to access the course and use an email account to log into the course.  Online classes have time requirements. Students are given a password to access the course. A limited number of students get permission to enroll.
Examples:  Online Computer Graphics and Design; Online Medical Core; and Online Medical Assistant Front Office (Health Unit Coordinator).

Credits and Certifications

Students earn high school elective credits for ROP classes. Credits are issued by the high school.  Each student who satisfactorily completes an ROP class will receive a Letter of Competency explaining what skills/competencies the student has learned in class.  Students can request a Letter of Competency for each core competency from the registrar in Student Information Services.

ROP Letters of Competency

Each student who satisfactorily completes an ROP class receives a Letter of Competency explaining what skills/competencies the student learned in the class.  Students can request a letter of competency from the registrar in the Student Information Services for each core competency.

Articulation Agreements with Local Community Colleges

North Orange County ROP has entered into articulation agreements with several local community colleges that permit students who have completed ROP programs with an "A" or "B" to enroll at a participating community college for further training, without having to repeat certain courses. More >

University of California Approved Credit

Certain ROP courses meet UC credit requirements for entrance into the University of California system.  These designated ROP courses meet the UC language "e," fine art "f", or general "g", requirements for admission.  More >

Enrollment During the School Year

High school students often enroll in at the beginning of the school year (fall semester), and/or in the middle of the school year for spring semester classes.  Some classes are open-entry.  Note: A few ROP courses enroll in the fall only and do not allow mid-year entrance.  Examples of courses that do not allow mid-year enrollment: Professional Dance at Western HS; Emergency Medical Responder at Troy HS; Fundamentals of Nursing I at Savanna HS; and Pharmacy Technician at Kennedy HS.

Afterschool Classes

Some ROP class sections for high schools are offered afterschool (often period 7) and are open to all high school students in the districts North Orange County ROP serves
Examples of afterschool classes (offerings differ by school/district)

Automotive Technology
Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA)
Business Technology (Computer Applications)
Chef and Baker (Culinary Arts Institute)∗
Careers With Children: Preschool Lab
Construction Occupations
Dental Assistant
Emergency Medical Responder
Lifeguard/Water Safety Instructor
Marine Diving
Medical Core
Medical Assistant
Nursing Assistant
Online Computer Graphics and Design
Online Medical Assistant Front Office/Health
   Unit Coordinator
Preschool Assistant
Retail Sales/General Merchandising
Theme Park / Knott's Berry Farm
Welding/Metal Fabrication
More >

Mid-semester Enrollment

sample imageThere about six ROP classes that may enroll students after a semester has already begun. Mid-semester classes have various start dates, providing more options for students during the school year. ∗Adult participation if space available.
  • Medical Assistant, Front Office/HUC∗
  • Medical Core∗
  • Nursing Assistant - Long Term Care
  • Nursing Assistant - Acute Care∗
  • Theme Park/Entertainment/Tourism
  • Water Safety Instructor (ARC)

Summer Classes

A limited number of classes are offered during the summer session. ∗Qualified adults may participate.

Open-entry Classes

If there are openings, high school students may enroll in open-entry classes almost any time during the semester, providing some flexibility for busy students. ∗Adult participation is subject to availability.


Career Pathways

Class Descriptions

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Arts, Media & Visual Entertainment

Building Trades & Construction
Education, Child Development &
     Family Services

Engineering & Design

Finance & Business

Health Sciences/Medical Technology
Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation
   (Culinary Arts-Theme Park-Aquatics
Manufacturing /
     Product Development

Marketing, Sales & Service

Public Services / Public Protection

Transportation / Auto Technology


Student Registration

Student Information Services at the ROP Education Center in Anaheim can provide you with information regarding course offerings and the status of classes  714-502-5858
Adult registration assistance is available at the ROP Education Center.   More >
 High school students should meet with their on-campus counselor or career guidance specialist More >
Afterschool Class Schedule
(updated 1/7/14)
Course Catalog - PDF
Adult Inclusive Programs (includes
   Culinary Arts and Medical classes)
Adult Fee-based Course Schedule
CPR Class Schedule
CEUs for CNAs and HHAs
Adult EMT Fee-Based Class

Online Classes!

Online graphic arts courses offer students more study time flexibilty: 
Online Computer Graphics and Design
New hybrid Medical Core class combines classroom and online instruction:
Online Medical Core

Nine-week sessions include classroom instruction at the East Ball Road Campus.
New online Medical Assistant class:
Online Medical Assistant - Front Office (Health Unit Coordinator)

Direct Support Professional (DSP) Training

Call Michele Schirmers at 714-502-5853 regarding contuining education classes for Direct Support Professionals. 

DSP Training Details

Adult Fee-Based Courses

Adult Fee-Based Programs
Class Descriptions

Fee-Based Policies and Details


Open-Entry Classes

Aquatic/Marine Diving Occupations
Auto Body Repair
Business Technology
Career Training for Transition
Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)
Computer Graphics and Design
Construction Occupations
Floral Design
High Tech Center for the
     Visually Impaired
Lifeguard/Water Safety Instructor
Preschool Assistant
Retail Careers/General
Retail Restaurant Careers

Class availability is subject to change.