Cypress High School    

9801 Valley View, Cypress 90630 

ROP teaches real-world skills for the current job market.  Students prepare for employment and advanced training at colleges and universities  Your high school counselor can provide you with details regarding articulation to local colleges.

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Daytime & Afterschool* ROP classes

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Floral Design   


Arts, Media & Entertainment

Online Computer Graphics and Design*


Education, Child Development &  Family Services

American Sign Language  I  and II • Articulates with Golden West College
Careers with Children Preschool Lab (CC) 
Child Development 


Health Sciences & Medical Technology

Emergency Medical Responder   
Emergency Medical Technican (EMT is 1 semester)    Cypress (after-school)*
Health Fitness/Sports Medicine      

Cypress HS ROP Classes

American Sign Language I
American Sign Language II
Careers with Children Preschool Lab (CC)
Child Development
Emergency Medical Responder
Emgergency Medical Technician
Floral Design (CC/CVE)
Health Fitness/Sports Medicine
Online Computer Graphics and Design

Afterschool Schedule

Off-campus Locations 

ROP class locations include Cypress High School, three satellite Career Technical Institute locations, and 22 other high schools in north Orange County, California.  Additionally, learning takes place at hundreds of local businesses that serve as job training sites.

You may be interested in nearby ROP classes.   The following are offered late afternoons, evenings, and/or weekends to accomodate your schedule.

Culinary Artis Institute
Dental Assistant
Emergency Medical Responder
Medical Core
Medical Assistant, Back Office
Medical Assistant, Front Office
Nursing Assistant
Preschool Assistand/School-Age Child Care 
  Assistant (CC/CVE)
Retail Careers/General Merchandising (CC/CVE)
Theme Park/Entertainment/Tourism (CC/CVE)

Alphabetical List of All ROP Classes

Community Classroom (CC) site learning takes place in both the classroom and in the workplace throughout the course.  Some ROP classes offer internship opportunities at local businesses and industries. 

Cooperative Vocational Education (CVE) learning takes place in the classroom and on the job, and students are paid for their work on the job.

ROP on-campus preschools

District Map

North Orange County ROP is an Equal Opportunity Educator/Employer