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High School Students

rop student photoHigh school students pre-register for all North Orange County ROP classes with their counselor or Career Guidance Specialist on campus.  Students who attend private schools, are home-schooled, or attend an out-of district high school pre-register at the North Orange County ROP Education Center.  Students are not enrolled in a class until attending the first session.

This year there are no summer school classes scheduled for high school students, and no adult (fee-based) summer classes are offered. Classes begin again in fall.

Fall ROP classes begin August 10th, 2015 for high school students.

Registration for adult fee-based programs will begin June 29th.  Fall adult classes also start August 10th, 2015.      


Student Information Department

 The Student Information Services Department handles:

  Information about classes

  Student records, attendance, and grades


  Fee collection and refunds

  Transcripts and duplicate records of competency

    and certificates


Student Information Services: 714-502-5858

Call Student Information Services at 714-502-5858 between

8:00 am and 4:30 pm to make a request for records.


Fee-based programs are offered to adults.  Adult students enroll at the ROP Education Center, 385 N. Muller Street, Anaheim, Ca 92801.   More >

Fee-based Programs for Adults

Call 714-502-5858 to check on class prerequisites, status, and exact tuition/costs.  Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Fee-based Programs are Health Sciences Courses offered only to adults (or students who qualify as having adult status). The Adult Fee-Based Programs page includes policies, details, and the current schedule. 
 Fee-Based Course Schedule >

CPR classes for Health Care Providers

CPR for Health Care Providers is a fee-based course. CPR registration is $70  for adult students, payable at the time of registration at the ROP Education Center.  The fee is nonrefundable.

Visit for more EMT and CPR information.

More About Expenses & Fees

The non-fee-based Nursing Assistant class is open to adults at a cost of $60 per semester.  Adults may qualify for a fee waiver under certain circumstances.

Fee refunds are given only if the class for which you registered is cancelled or over-enrolled.  Registration receipts must be presented for a refund and must be processed before the current semester ends.

ROP Education Center
385 N. Muller Street
Anaheim, CA  92801

Office hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 Pm
Monday through Friday

Note: This year no ROP classes will be held during the 2015 summer period from
late June through the end of July

CEUs for CNAs & HHAs Information
CPR for Health Care Providers:

Medical Continuing Education/
   Direct Support Professional
   Training (DSP)
: 714-502-5844

Workforce Investment Act:

WorkAbility I: 714-502-5851,
    714-502-5828, or 714-502-5868